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Quiet, comfortable, efficient and reliable, Samsung.


What makes Samsung better is that it adjust to the needs of your home. Conventional systems are either operating at 100% or not at all. You wouldn’t want to drive a car that had only two modes of operation, full acceleration and hard braking. Yet that is what all of the conventional systems offer.

Samsung uses Smart Inverter Technology. What this means is the system adjust itself to the needs of your home from 25% capacity to 100% capacity and every where in between! It’s like having 75 air conditioners in one.

This gradual increase and decreasing capacity provides the best comfort and the greatest efficiency. Much the way your automobile gas mileage improves on the highway over the start/stop of city driving. The Samsung cooling and heating system provides quiet, efficient operation and with legendary Samsung reliability.

Its time to stop adjusting your comfort for you cooling and heating system and let it adjust for you from now on, Samsung Smart Inverter Technology.

Quiet, comfortable, efficient and reliable, Samsung.



The Samsung Variable Flow Refrigerant system

We don’t knowingly leave the lights on in vacant rooms that no one is using, yet we heat and cool them around the clock. With conventional cooling and heating systems we heat and cool the entire house, even though we might only be using one or two rooms.

With a whole home Samsung Variable Flow Refrigerant system we can create individual temperature zones  in the various sections of our home. This allows the different family members to adjust the temperature where they are to meet their individual comfort needs. When no one is in that area of the home, you can adjust the temperature from comfort to savings.

By using only what we need, we are being better stewards of our natural resources. Samsung whole home zoning lets us be comfortable and efficient.

Quiet, comfortable, efficient and reliable, Samsung.Picture1